Changing link colors in Twentytwelve

Twentytwelve for WordPress. When using child themes, you can’t just throw in a quick a, a:hover, and a:visited and be done with it. For a while this morning, I was having trouble getting the a:visited links to change color or change on hover when inside a post. After a bunch of Firebugging, nothing came up. This post had some answers, and I just changed the code to make it easier to change the colors quickly.

.widget-area .widget a,
footer[role="contentinfo"] a,
.comments-link a,
.entry-meta a,
a.comment-reply-link, a.comment-edit-link,
.comments-link a, .entry-meta a,
.comments-area article header a,
.comments-area article header cite a { color: #996614; }

.entry-content a:visited,
.comment-content a:visited,
.widget-area .widget a:visited { color: orange; }

.widget-area .widget a:hover,
footer[role="contentinfo"] a:hover,
a.comment-reply-link:hover, a.comment-edit-link:hover,
.comments-link a:hover, .entry-meta a:hover,
.comments-area article header a:hover,
.comments-area article header cite a:hover { color: #E89B1E; !important}

a:visited:hover { color: #E89B1E; }

a:active { color: #E89B1E; }

That’s better. Now if I could just get back that wasted time.



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